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Social Enterprise Success Conference

Our Vision

Why the Social Enterprise Success Conference?

To create a Global Transformation of Peoples’ lives by 2025 through Conscious Enterprise.

Conference Aim

To celebrate Social Enterprise Globally and to connect with Social Enterprises.

This is a Not-for-profit Event and we are supporting a local charity on each continent.

Conference Goals

To showcase existing Social Enterprises with a view to replicating them globally.

  • To offer mentoring and coaching to up-and-coming change makers and leaders to scale up and grow their Social Enterprise ideas.
  • To create a peer networking opportunity and to connect with supporters of Social and Conscious Enterprise.

Upcoming Conferences

Johannesburg, South Africa

Friday 1 & Saturday 2 October 2021

For more information please email [email protected]

The Background

Korinne and Nyasha met by chance at a Social Enterprise Conference in San Diego, California. they discovered that they are both from Guernsey. They were so inspired by the San Diego Conference that they decided they must organise one in Guernsey. Why Guernsey? Because there is a real sense of Community and all the movers, shakers and government bodies are within easy reach. Furthermore, this is only the beginning! As part of a seven year plan to roll out across all seven continents, last year's conference was held in Guernsey, this year will be in South Africa and 2020 we'll host in America. This initiative is non-profit and the charity being supported this year is the Guernsey Disability Alliance and the 40 charities who come under their umbrella.

The theme for the Social Enterprise Success Conference is an invitation to showcase social enterprises from around the world which are succeeding in a positive change. The conference presents us all with the opportunity to come together and to explore the endless possibilities of doing business for the greater good. It also enables us to work towards overcoming the social challenges in our communities.

The conferences will be run annually across all seven continents. It will be packed with sessions to get inspired, learn, discuss and debate. Plus, there will be an open panellist forum, as well as focus groups that will run workshops with topics chosen by the audience. The focus groups will be run by experts in that respective field.

We welcome social entrepreneurs, founders, students, researchers, academics, social impact investors, change makers, visionary business owners and those with a vision that includes conscious enterprise.

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